Our Team

Dana Sakkijha Daoud

Director of Enthusiasm

Musician, Educator, Art Lover

Much of my time is devoted to editing and transliterating music using Finale software. I am also expressing my own musical identity through a new album of 12 muwashahat, a rich collection that includes the music notation, lyrics, translation and transliteration, as well as the captivating backstory of each muwashah, its rhythm and composer. Having worked for many years at the National Music Conservatory in Amman, I am able to reach out to Mediterranean
musicians, cultural centers and institutions to discuss featuring their wonderful works in Dozan World Publishing’s library and find ways to grow together. My expertise in grant writing will allow me to find ways to support Dozan World Publishing’s cultural initiatives.
To me, Dozan World Publishing is like a journey of early motherhood. Every day I learn something new and confront new challenges. I am constantly rewarded with the deep satisfaction of witnessing my cultural mission grow and flourish.

Michel Ma'ayeh

Design and Social Media Specialist

Designer, Artist, Visual Creator

My journey started with Dozan World Publishing from the very beginning. I was honored to create the branding and logo for this groundbreaking project. Today I am in charge of creating all design related material and visuals and assisting the team with social media accounts. To me, Dozan World Publishing is much more than a publishing project. It is a musical message to the world and a reflection of our connection with our land, our history and our spectacular melodies.

Nadine Katkhuda

Chief Editor

Performer, Musician, Language Enthusiast

My love for theater, singing and self-expression is fueled by the deep admiration and respect I hold for the power of words, spoken and sung. My role in Dozan World Publishing is to ensure that the stories of our beloved Levantine compositions, the translation of the lyrics and the biographies of the composers are beautifully written and engaging in order to immerse the audience in an unforgettable linguistic and auditory experience.

I believe Dozan World Publishing is our shared opportunity to transcend cultural barriers and foster a community that connects and heals through the power of music.

Judeh Majaj


Researcher, Enthusiast, Artist

Dozan World Publishing is a welcoming hub for people, functions and activities related to music and music publishing. My role is to help build awareness of the purpose of Dozan World Publishing, which is to make Levant music easily accessible and shed light on the region’s rich heritage.

Majd Maary

Administrative Assistant

Music Arranger, Guitar Instructor, Performer