Our Team


Executive Administrator 

Recording Artist, Composer, Guitarist

When I first met Shireen, she explained Dozan's vision, which is very aligned with my passion for sharing our music. Since then, Dozan World has become the space where I pursue my dreams and a place that I can call home”.

Born and raised in an artistic family in Syria, Majd Maary began his guitar education under the tutelage of his father Nazih Maary, who taught him the basics of classical music and oriental guitar. In 2012, he received his first academic certificate in guitar performance (classical and flamenco), under the supervision of Professor Bassel Khalil at the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus. His love for the instrument pushed him to further his studies by attending the High Institute of Music in Syria earning a Bachelor’s in Performance.

Being surrounded by high-level musicians in the region has inspired him to experiment and come up with new ideas and approaches for playing the guitar. During his five years of studies in Damascus, Majd earned a scholarship to YES Academy Lebanon (American Fine Arts Foundation) for two years in a row under the supervision of Professor Susan McDonalds.

Majd has participated in many festivals and recorded with various artists in Syria and Lebanon, including Sleman Al-Shalabi (Zahme album), Al-Basel Festival in Damascus andQuantas Lágrimas guitar and mezzo solo premiere recording as part of the albumRemember the River.

Majd relocated to Toronto in 2021 and recently started working on his MA degree in Music Business and Technology in Berklee College of Music, along with his music composition studies under the supervision of his mentor, Shireen Abu-Khader, PhD. Majd is currently running the studio of Dozan World, where he also works as an executive administrator. He is employing his skills to create new compositions of his own as well as new arrangements.



Music Editor

Composer, Orchestra Conductor, Oriental Music Researcher

My experience at Dozan World has helped me demonstrate many of my ideas regarding the musical organizing, arrangement and editing of possible Levantine pieces. Since I started my position as music editor, I have been inspired to write more compositions that will hopefully transcend time and be passed onto future generations. I am delighted to be part of this team!”

Born on November 11th, 1992, in Damascus, Mahdi AlMahdi is a violinist, violist, composer, music arranger and orchestra conductor. He studied the violin at the Solhi Al-Wadi Institute, then the viola and the piano at the High Institute of Music and graduated from the University of Damascus with a master’s degree in Music Education.

AlMahdi is a member of the Syndicate of Syrian Artists. He currently serves as the conductor of the Arab Music Orchestra of the Solhi Al Wadi Institute. Besides, he is a musical analysis teacher at the Syrian High Institute of Music in Syria and a violin and viola instructor at the Solhi Al-Wadi Institute.

AlMahdi, member and co-founder of the Damascus Baroque Soloists ensemble since its reestablishment in 2014, is also a member of the Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music.

Besides participating in a workshop by Yes Academy in Lebanon with the composer Jamie Whitmarsh, he represented his country, Syria, in the Eurasian Youth Music Forum in Russia in the summer of 2019. During this forum, the Donetsk Academic Symphonic Orchestra played two of AlMahdi’s orchestral works,Syrian Rhapsody No.1 andHijaz Wafts, under the baton of Vladimir Zavodilenko.

Mahdi has several times employed his skills in composing music and arranging orchestral works for many Syrian ensembles, among which we mention the Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music and the Oriental Music Orchestra. He also arranged numerous works by renowned Syrian and Arab artists.

For several years, he has worked on documenting and compiling the musical notation of the Arab musical heritage pieces for the High Institute of Music oriental chant course program.



Visual Artist, Music Lover, Digital Creator

Dozan World reflects our cultural, artistic and musical identity and spreads our distinctive heritage. It has always been a platform for young talents. Since I joined Dozan World team, I have experienced the energy, love and enthusiasm that we all share as one family around the founder, Shireen, who keeps pushing everyone to give more, inspiring us to reach our, and the company’s ambitions”.

Riham is a Syrian designer born in Damascus in 1990. She grew up in an artistic family that has long been interested in music and drawing, which led to the early development of her artistic talents.

Riham studied advertising design at the Faculty of Fine Arts and graduated as a graphic designer from Damascus University’s Department of Visual Communication and Multimedia in 2014.

In 2012, she served as a director of the Arts Center, where she also taught art in many art and handicraft workshops under the supervision of her mother, fine artist Hiam Albero. She has participated in several group art exhibitions in Damascus since 2009. 

She has been working as a graphic designer at the Damascus Opera House since 2016.

Riham implemented live visuals accompanying many musical and artistic performances in different cultural centers in Syria, such as theQaws Quzahfestival.

Today, Riham is employing her experience as a designer in Dozan World’s team.



Translator, Violinist, Creative Writer

Music has always been my favorite language. Working at Dozan World encapsulates who I am on different levels, since employing my experience in translation and fascination for languages in a musical context engages most of my passions, especially that it tackles the music of what I call home”.

Yara is a Lebanese translator and violinist. She got her BA in Modern Languages and Translation and is currently completing her MA degree in Translation at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon.

At a very young age, Yara joined more than a choir, which awakened her passion for music. That’s when she started learning the violin. She is currently working on completing her degree in violin studies at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.

Yara has always been a choir member. She participated in religious and oriental-singing choirs, including Qolo Atiqo and USEK’s oriental choir. Besides, she plays in different music ensembles.

Nehme also teaches the violin in Qolo School for Arts and Music, which was the first school of music she attended.

Yara is combining her experience in translation with her passion for music in her position as editor and translator at Dozan World, hoping to contribute to the development of their library and make her region’s music accessible for all people around the world, since for her, among all languages, music is the most universal.



Researcher, Storyteller, Music Enthusiast

Dozan World was and still is a beacon guiding my future steps in music and literature related to music. Prior to 2019, I attended Dozan wa Awtar performances, and the moment I was involved, that was a positive and regular life-changing process. My appreciation goes to Mr. George Abu-Khader for his confidence, Mrs. Samia Abu-Khader for her support and Shireen for walking the first mile with me and for her inspiration to each and every community member at Dozan”.

Judeh Majaj was born in Jerusalem. He attended Bir Zeit College (now Bir Zeit University) and graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Economics.

Judeh has always shown interest in music. While in college, Judeh sang in the choir, played the trumpet with the band and was active in musical and theatrical activities focusing on music appreciation.

His music appreciation kept growing stronger. At the AUB, Judeh selected musical elective courses taught by the late professors Salvador Arnita, Yusra Jawharieh Arnita and Diana Tawieddin. In addition, Judeh was for one year president of the Music Club at the AUB. After he graduated, Judeh enrolled in several courses about marketing, management, advocacy and voluntary work, among other specialized courses.

Musical self-education was and still is a daily practice of Judeh enriched by the interaction with the founder ofDozan World, Shireen Abu-Khader,Dozan team members and all persons involved in  Dozan projects.

Judeh worked with several companies occupying senior management positions. Such companies range from profit-making to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Serving as the General Secretary of the East Jerusalem YMCA in Palestine was a rich experience and a life changer.

Another life changer was and still is, working with Abu Khader Group reporting to Mr. George Abu-Khader, who selected Judeh to be involved withDozan Wa Awtar and currentlyDozan World. Both George and Shireen, plus the support of Samia Abu-Khader, stand out as leaders who keep musical activities part and parcel of a rich social fabric.